Photography and Files

Im a photographer, and I have been since Im 15 years old (now Im 53), so I have a big pile of pics and the most important fact about my computer is that it can break down any second. It happened before and you never know when it will happen again.

And sometimes the break down is because the memory is full. So first I decided my computer will be light most of the time. Right now I have 7 external hard drives and I keep them like precious gold.

So in my desktop every month I have a file that I name "Desktop Nov 2015" and every month I download this file to a designated external hard drive. And every month I print out the picture of what I have in that file, so I have every month of every year in a print out. And then I have a "life map". Every year has specific events (with the photographic material) so I have a brief "map" with the places and date. This way I can find easily any material and open the right hard drive to find what Im looking for. 

Also I have special projects that need an individual file. 

Why I dont use the cloud? My files are heavy and sometimes it takes forever to put up in the cloud. Also I dont feel confortable, if somebody disagrees its ok, I just dont like it.