Jaime M. Chamorro


       Jaime M. Chamorro was born in Managua, Nicaragua, July 13, 1962. Jaime took art classes from an early age at The National School of Arts.

     In 1972, Managua was destroyed by an earthquake and the Red Cross set up base in his parent’s home, along with a photographer who sought permission to use the family’s newspaper’s dark room. Jaime asked if it would be o.k. to accompany the photographer and thus was introduced to the world of photography.

     In 1994, Jaime graduated as an architect from U.A.C.A., San Jose, Costa Rica. Throughout the years he has experimented and evolved with photography and has used it as a visual aid for his architectural development.

     As an architect in college, when all drafting was done by hand, Jaime would always have a piece of paper on one side of his drafting table. By the end of the day, the piece of paper would become what we refer to as doodling.

     One day Jaime took a photograph of one of the drawings, loaded it on a computer and started to add color to the drawing. That was the beginning of this colorful art form.  It is now being printed on different materials including canvas, linen paper, back lite, t-shirts and other potential materials.


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